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01Luxury Hotels

At RitzSafari we care about comfortable stay for all our customers. So all the accomodation are handpicked and choosen by our travel experts to ensure maximum satisfaction.

02Best Tour Itnerary

Our Itneraries are designed by our travel experts to provide you maximum utilization of designated timeframe alotted per tour.


We provide you 100% assistance on all your tour related queries while you are on tour.

01Luxury Hotels

We provide you luxury hotels with lots of amenities like conference and event facilities. Amazing in house restaurants and bars, Great views which provide the best views of a city and suite facilities as well.

02Tourist Guide

Our guides will assist you with check in/out at the hotels,as well as guide you through and explain the history of monuments,places, culture,traditions and customs of the Indian people.

03Flights Tickets

Now, Book Hassle-free Flight Tickets. Grab Huge Online discount on Flight Booking and enjoy your trip.Book Flight Tickets at lowest Airfare at our Ritz Safari

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